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Head of Transport Operations



Metro Manila, Philippines
Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023
Ninja Van is a tech-enabled logistics company on a mission to provide hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2014, we started operations in Singapore and have become the region's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, partnering with over 35,000 merchants and delivering more than 1,000 parcels every minute across six countries. In January 2018, we raised one of the largest Series C rounds ever in Southeast Asia and are well-positioned for our next phase of rapid growth.
At our core, we are a technology company that is disrupting a massive industry with cutting-edge software and operational concepts. Powered by algorithm-based optimisation, dynamic routing, end-to-end tracking and a data-driven approach, we provide best-of-class delivery services that delight both the shippers and end customers. But we are just getting started! We have much room for improvement and many ideas that will further shape the industry.
The Head of Transport Operations shall handle all verticals of the Transport Operations team, including nationwide 3PL trucking, In-house trucking, and Air Freight operations. In addition, the Head of Transport Operations will manage the Central Traffic Team in charge of routing and diverting Middle Mile hauls to optimize lead times considering traffic, port congestions, and vessel and flight availability.
The Head of Transport Operations shall handle a team of managers, coordinators, mechanics, drivers, and shall be in-charge of all truck bookings (in-house and 3PL) nationwide. He/she will also handle air freight operations ensuring the process needed to send a portion of the hauls via air partners. 3PL management will entail vendor management to ensure Ninja Van Philippines has the needed number of trucks to fulfill all needed hauls as defined by the First Mile, Middle Mile, and Last Mile organizations. Vendor management will also entail ensuring trucks used by Ninja Van are of needed specifications and quality standards. Lastly, vendor management deals with making sure transport costs are kept within budget.
The Head of Transport Operations shall report directly to the Middle Mile unit head.
The Head of Transport Operations quantitative KPIs are categorized into the following areas:
Middle Mile Transit SLAs
Land Haul CPPs
Air Haul CPPs
BSA Utilization (Must always be 100%, barring force majeure)
Truck Request Fulfillment (Requested vs. provided)
Truck and Air Freight data tracking
Set-up of operational systems to track truck and air-freight utilization
Provide accurate reports and data to be used for audits
Vendor Performance Management
Timing adherence
Cost per KG or Trip
Implementation of penalties
Accreditation of all vendors
Creation and maintenance of a centralized contract database
Vendor diversification
Introduction of new vendors into our 3PL trucking pool, with the goal of creating a more competitive ecosystem, thereby lowering rates
On top of this, Head of Transport Operations will also be assessed based on their managerial skills, given that this is a managerial role. He/she shall also be assessed in terms of the growth of his/her direct reports.
The Head of Transport Operations shall be based in Makati (WeWork office) but may schedule nationwide trips as frequently as needed.

Main Duties

  • Central Traffic Management
  • The Head of Transport Operations shall ensure that hauls are traveling as continuously as possible given potential challenges in crossing ports, boarding flights, travel restrictions, and road or port closure resulting from typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, or any other similar incidents
  • This will entail building and managing the tools and processes that the Central Traffic Team will use to diligently monitor and reroute vehicles including but not limited to GPS management, and a central routing team that monitors truck situation on a real time basis.
  • Establish and enrich the Ninja Van Freight Network
  • The Head of Transport Operations will build multiple options for routes that the hauls can take whether land, sea, or air.
  • These routes will serve as options that the team can divert to depending on ground situation. For instance, if a commercial port is backlogged due to extensive bad weather, the team should be able to divert hauls to other ports to get the haul to its destination faster than waiting until the port opens.
  • The Transport Operations group will build an extensive network of contacts across various trucker groups and public and private port operators, striking needed agreements or securing commercial terms that will enable these as options for diverting hauls or optimizing haul lead times.
  • BSA Forecasting & Planning
  • Using data provided by the management team, the air freight manager shall come up with forecasts predicting and planning our Blocked Space Allocation (BSA) with our different air freight providers.
  • BSA Utilization
  • Given the high cost of air freight, NVPH deliberately books conservative amounts to ensure that utilization of booked space is at 100%, barring any ops disruptions, inaccurate forecasts, or acts of God. The air freight manager must ensure that utilization is maintained at 100%.
  • Vendor Management Performance
  • The Head of Transport Operations shall create operational systems to keep track of vendor metrics and use these performance metrics for determining each vendor’s allocation (rewarding over-performing vendors, and disincentivizing under-performance).
  • These vendor metrics include:Rates - Cost per KG / TripTiming adherence Total supply
  • The Head of Transport Operations shall create detailed and insightful reports to keep track of the performance of NVPH’s truck and air vendors.
  • Truck Operations
  • The Head of Transport Operations shall create operational processes to consolidate truck requests from all departments, and meet the requested amounts
  • He/she shall also implement operational processes to validate and audit truck utilization, and publish the results to the department heads & finance or the audit team.
  • The Head of Transport Operations shall also create a nationwide standardized rate matrix; all truck rentals nationwide shall adhere to these standardized rates.
  • He/she shall handle all truck and air-related contracts and ensure the validity and upkeep of contracts between NVPH and all freight vendors.
  • He/she shall also ensure the maintenance and upkeep of NVPH’s inhouse truck pool. He/she shall track the utilization, downtime, and maintenance data of all in-house trucks. To do so, he/she shall design operational processes aligned with ISO 9001.
  • Process Design
  • Come up with new processes or improve existing processes to address key problems within ops
  • General Management
  • Manage his/her team effectively
  • Train his/her direct reports to be effective and independent
  • Training of his/her direct reports in relation to NVPH’s SOP’s and 5S practices.


  • 5+ years experience in the freight industry
  • Has good knowledge and awareness of port options across the country including extensive contacts within trucker groups and public and private port operators.
  • Can build processes in line with truck specifications (GPS and the like) that would enable thorough and real-time monitoring
  • Can analyze data and come up with actionables based on the data
  • Can manage ground operations and implement strict policies / SOP’s
  • Has business development experience and can be the main point person for NV’s business relationship with other freight providers
  • Can handle vendor negotiations and hold regular vendor performance reviews
  • Can independently develop proposals for operational systems or processes
  • Can lead a team and come up with a strategic direction, KPIs, and OKRs.
  • Fair and nurturing manager
  • Can be strict and firm
  • Presentable and sociable, can talk to people (like sales teams)
  • Detail-oriented
  • Works independently
  • Bachelor’s Degree; Graduate of Any 4-Year Course
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