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Business Compliance Manager



Posted on Friday, September 1, 2023

About us

Yubi stands for ubiquitous. But Yubi will also stand for transparency, collaboration, and the power of possibility.

From being a disruptor in India’s debt market to marching towards global corporate markets from one product to one holistic product suite with seven products

Yubi is the place to unleash potential. Freedom, not fear. Avenues, not roadblocks. Opportunity, not obstacles.

Job Description

Yubi, formerly known as CredAvenue, is re-defining global debt markets by freeing the flow of finance between borrowers, lenders, and investors. We are the world's possibility platform for the discovery, investment, fulfillment, and collection of any debt solution. At Yubi, opportunities are plenty and we equip you with tools to seize it.

In March 2022, we became India's fastest fintech and most impactful startup to join the unicorn club with a Series B fundraising round of $137 million.

In 2020, we began our journey with a vision of transforming and deepening the global institutional debt market through technology. Our two-sided debt marketplace helps institutional and HNI investors find the widest network of corporate borrowers and debt products on one side and helps corporates to discover investors and access debt capital efficiently on the other side. Switching between platforms is easy, which means investors can lend, invest and trade bonds - all in one place. All of our platforms shake up the traditional debt ecosystem and offer new ways of digital finance.

Yubi Credit Marketplace - With the largest selection of lenders on one platform, our credit marketplace helps enterprises partner with lenders of their choice for any and all capital requirements.
Yubi Invest - Fixed income securities platform for wealth managers & financial advisors to channel client investments in fixed income
Financial Services Platform - Designed for financial institutions to manage co-lending partnerships & asset based securitization
Spocto - Debt recovery & risk mitigation platform
Corpository - Dedicated SaaS solutions platform powered by Decision-grade data, Analytics, Pattern Identifications, Early Warning Signals and Predictions to Lenders, Investors and Business Enterprises

So far, we have on-boarded over 17000+ enterprises, 6200+ investors & lenders and have facilitated debt volumes of over INR 1,40,000 crore.

Backed by marquee investors like Insight Partners, B Capital Group, Dragoneer, Sequoia Capital, LightSpeed and Lightrock, we are the only-of-its-kind debt platform globally, revolutionizing the segment.

At Yubi, People are at the core of the business and our most valuable assets. Yubi is constantly growing, with 1000+ like-minded individuals today, who are changing the way people perceive debt. We are a fun bunch who are highly motivated and driven to create a purposeful impact. Come, join the club to be a part of our epic growth story.

About Role:
Business compliance Managers Business compliance managersare responsible for ensuring that acompany adheres to relevant laws,regulations, and industry standardsto operate ethically and within legalboundaries. Their role is crucial inpreventing legal issues, regulatoryviolations, and reputationaldamage.
Developing and Implementing Compliance Programs:
● Design and implement comprehensive complianceprograms tailored to the company's industry and regulatoryenvironment and client’s requirements.
● Establish policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensureadherence to relevant laws, regulations, and industrystandards.Monitoring and Assessing Compliance:
● Regularly monitor business activities, transactions, andpractices to identify potential compliance issues.
● Conduct internal audits and assessments to evaluate theeffectiveness of the compliance program.
● Identify gaps and areas of improvement in existingcompliance measures.
● Provide training to call center staff on compliance issues.
● Investigate and resolve compliance-related incidents orviolations.
● Collaborate with other departments to ensure consistentadherence to compliance requirements.Regulatory Research and Interpretation:
● Stay up-to-date with relevant laws, regulations, and industrytrends that could impact the company's operations.
● Interpret complex regulatory requirements and communicatetheir implications to various departments within theorganization.Training and Education:
● Develop and deliver training programs to educateemployees about compliance policies, regulations, andethical standards.
● Raise awareness about compliance issues and foster aculture of compliance throughout the organization.Reporting and Documentation:
● Maintain accurate records of compliance activities,assessments, and audit findings.
● Prepare reports for management and regulatory agencies,detailing the company's compliance status and anycorrective actions taken.
● Generate reports and presentations on call centercompliance performance for senior management andregulatory authorities. Highlight areas of concern andrecommend solutions.Risk Assessment and Management:
● Identify potential compliance risks and assess their impacton the company's operations.
● Develop strategies to mitigate risks and implement controlsto prevent violations.Collaboration and Communication:
● Collaborate with legal teams, regulatory agencies, and otherstakeholders to address compliance concerns.
● Communicate compliance requirements to relevantdepartments and ensure they understand and implementnecessary measures.Incident Response and Resolution:
● Investigate reported compliance violations, unethicalbehavior, or breaches of policies.
● Develop and execute corrective action plans to addressidentified issues and prevent recurrence.Ethics and Integrity Promotion:
● Promote a culture of ethics and integrity within theorganization by setting an example and encouraging ethicalbehavior at all levels.Advisory Role:
● Provide guidance and advice to management andemployees on compliance matters and ethical dilemmas.Continuous Improvement:
● Continuously assess and update the compliance program toalign with changing regulations and industry best practices.Third-Party Relationships:
● Evaluate compliance of third-party vendors, contractors, andpartners to ensure their operations align with the company'sstandards. Assess and monitor third-party vendors thatprovide services to the call center, ensuring their practicesalign with compliance requirements and ethical standards.Call Monitoring:
● Implement systems and processes to monitor calls forcompliance with regulations, quality standards, andcustomer experience guidelines. Provide feedback andcoaching to call center staff to maintain compliance andservice excellence.Data Protection:
● Ensure that call center operations involving customer datacollection, storage, and processing adhere to data privacyregulations. Collaborate with data protection teams toimplement necessary measures


Educations and Skills:
● A bachelor's degree in arelevant field such asBusiness Administration,Law, Finance,Accounting, or a relateddiscipline is oftenrequired.
● A few years of relevantprofessional experiencein compliance, riskmanagement, legal,auditing, or a related fieldis typically required. Theexact number of yearscan vary based on thecompany's needs.
● Previous experience in acompliance role or arelated areademonstrates a strongunderstanding ofcompliance principlesand practices.
● Strong analytical skills toassess complexregulations, interpretlegal documents, andidentify potentialcompliance risks.
● Excellent communicationskills to conveycompliancerequirements, policies,and procedures tovarious levels of theorganization.
● Strong understanding ofcall center operationsand relevant regulations.


We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age.